Intellectual Property Rights

Besides litigation for misappropriation and infringement cases, we can also help you register, obtain and protect your intellectual property viz.:

  • Trademarks
  • Copyrights
  • Patents
  • Industrial design rights
  • Trade dress
  • Trade secrets

Our suite of services mentioned below, enables our clients to develop comprehensive Intellectual Property protection plans that take full advantage of patents, trademarks, copyrights, designs and other forms of intellectual property:


  • Trade mark search;
  •  Filing of applications, registration procedure
  •  Renewal, opposition, rectification;
  •  Action of infringement and passing off;
  • Assignment, licenses and transmission, drafting deed form, consequent registration of assignment, etc.


  • Registration, assignment, infringement of a copyright;
  • Software programs copyright;
  • Drafting deeds for transfer of copyright and royalty, etc.


Patent Drafting : Preparation of utility patent applications- End-to-end drafting of patent applications (provisional/ non-provisional) specifically in mechanical, software, electrical, electronics, communication, and pharmaceutical.

Patent Drawings/ Illustrations : Developing patent drawings/figures using state of the art systems.

Patent Search : Patent searches with regard to- 

  • Patentability Search;
  • Validation/Invalidation;
  • Freedom to Operate Search;
  • Infringement Analysis/Equivalent Search including Claim Mapping; 
  • Informative Search;
  • Competitor's Patent Search.

Patent compliance : technical analysis needed to create infringement-free designs for the client’s innovation.

Patent Review : On-going competitor patent review

Office Actions : Handling Office actions and PTO correspondences.

Patent proofreading : Proofreading of Patent specifications.

Patent Analysis & Portfolio Management :

  • Understanding and categorization of a patent portfolio of a company;
  • Doing a market analysis in terms of identifying key companies, areas of technical expertise,  segment size, growth and trends of the segment for a given categories of patents;
  • Overall rating of a patent on the basis of commercial viability, infringement aspects, strengths  for future advancement;
  • Analyzing a patent to identify key companies and their products, revenues, royalty rate and  licensing terms for a particular patent.

Filing & Prosecuting of Patent Applications :

  • Regular patent applications;
  • PCT Applications;
  • PCT National Phase Applications;
  • Convention Applications;
  • Handling Office Actions from various jurisdictions;

Industrial Design

  • Preparing, filing, and prosecuting design patent applications;
  • Renewal, opposition, infringement procedures.